Case Study: Agent Performance & Efficiency

Empowering Agents to Become Product Experts while Improving Average Handle Time

Customer service agents for CPG companies face a number of obstacles that challenge efficient performance. They must become experts on many brands and SKUs, stay up-to-date on the latest health and safety information, and meticulously document all customer interactions.

Laivly collaborated with one of the largest manufacturers of packaged consumer foods, which supports more than 100 brands worldwide, to equip their agents to handle customer queries and escalations faster, automate time-consuming tasks like form-filling and email responses, and improve overall efficiency while delivering the outstanding experience that keeps their customers coming back.

After five months using Laivly, the CPG customer experience program experienced:

  • 56-second improvement in AHT per interaction
  • 1,741 total hours saved
  • 31 hours in extra capacity per FTE
  • 352 more emails handled per FTE per month
  • 3.6% QA improvement

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