Case Study: Concession Savings

Improving Expense Accuracy While Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

A leading vacation rental marketplace serves countless hosts and guests every day. Detailed and often complex appeasement policies protect the interests of everyone involved — including the company itself.

We collaborated with the company, empowering its agents and a newly created Expense Approval Team to approve “make goods” with speed, accuracy, and confidence while saving money and preserving customer satisfaction scores. 

After three months using Laivly, the brand’s CX program experienced:

  • 93% accuracy of approved expenses
  • 41% improvement in expense accuracy
  • $33.62 saved per Laivly-assisted expense ticket
  • $17.6M estimated annual savings
  • No negative impact to NPS scores

Download the case study to find out how Laivly helped support a smarter customer appeasement process.