Case Study: Efficiency and CSAT

Creating Streamlined Communication and a Consistent Customer Experience

Agents supporting e-commerce companies retailing multiple brands and products often encounter tedious, time-consuming workflows. While these processes are meant to deliver a consistent brand experience, agents pressured to meet performance goals may opt to go off-book rather than stick to the more laborious script.

We partnered with the world’s largest cosmetics company to automate tedious tasks and help their agents maintain brand consistency in email communications while increasing overall efficiency and quality scores.

With Laivly, the company’s CX program saw impressive results:

  • 12% QA improvement
  • 49.3% EPH improvement
  • 17% FCR improvement
  • 10% CSAT improvement
  • 11.9% increase in perfect CSAT scores

Download the case study to learn how Laivly supported simultaneous improvements to efficiency, customer satisfaction, and brand consistency.