Express Pay


We wanted to challenge the traditional notion of payroll and solve payday problems with technology.  

Did you know that 41% of our US workforce gets paid by check, and do not have a bank account? Check cashing places charge large fees to cash or write checks. Payday loans also have extensive interest consequences and fees. 

Express Pay allows us to give agents the money they have earned quicker and when they need it the most. It provides early access to essential expenses, allowing agents to self-manage their cash flow. 

After completing a shift, team members receive a notification in the Superpunch app that shows them how much of their earnings are eligible to cash out into their bank account. The agent can tap the “pay me now” button and the money is pushed to their checking account in real time. 

  • No service fees

  • Pay for items using their Express Pay card at millions of locations around the world - where Visa or Mastercard are accepted

  • Access to withdraw cash at over 33,000 no-fee ATMs in the US

  • Transfer funds free of charge directly to their existing bank accounts

Express Pay Stats


Express Pay utilization


Per team member per pay period


Paid out in 2019


In banking and payday loan fees saved by CSRs in 2020