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Magnum KPI is an interactive chatbot that converses with leaders in real-time to help manage their teams more efficiently. 

The KPI data is shared through a messaging platform of their choice (e.g. Slack, Google Hangouts), allowing more time for coaching and less time reading detailed reports for the same information.

Programs using Magnum KPI experience:

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Real-time coaching

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Increased Quality Assurance

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Happier, more engaged agents

robot finger touching human finger

Additional team support on escalated customer interactions

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Increased CSAT

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Increased productivity with increased access to info

How It Works

Leaders simply ask ‘How is Steve Rogers' CSAT?’ and a machine learning algorithm understands the question, locates the answer, and communicates it back with proactive recommendations. 

Compatible with Smart Glasses Augmented Reality technology, Magnum KPI allows leaders to walk around and coach their team in real time. Push notifications flag issues with individual or team performance. 

cell phone screen detailing a chat conversation using Magnum KPI