If referrals aren’t a big part of your recruitment strategy, they should be!

Referral Rewards gives every agent a transparent tool to recruit within their own network. Through our Superpunch app, agents can send a referral code via a text message with a link to an application form to their friends or family. Once a referral code is sent, the candidate is now in the recruiting pipeline and process. This is all actioned in real-time. 

Starting at $350 for each successful referral, team members see all the referrals they have sent, track their status, applications, and the money they have earned from those referrals. 

This is money that is now going directly into the hands of the people who are doing the work for your company every single day. Agents can earn almost as much (if not more) through their referral rewards as they are with their regular position. 

The best part is, you don’t even need to change your cost structure. Referral Rewards allows you to take the money previously spent on aggressive advertising and recruiting campaigns, and instead give it to your people who are referring friends and family.

Referral Rewards Stats


More referrals applications over last year


Better attendance from referrals


Estimated referral rewards payouts in 2019


Longer tenure