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Have you ever called a customer service line and spent half the interaction giving your account details? It can be time consuming for a user to collect customer information over the phone and search within the CRM for account details. What customer has time for that? Enter: SIDD Call Pop.

SIDD Call Pop assists users in obtaining the most accurate information from customers as quickly as possible. This ensures that users provide customers with the best possible experience as soon as their phone call is answered.

When a customer calls in to locate or cancel an order, SIDD pulls up the customer’s account file on screen, including name, account information, and history, before the agent has even answered the phone. The customer simply has to authenticate their information for the user, rather than giving a detailed account history.

SIDD Call Pop can look up any information provided in an IVR or queuing system, such as phone number and order number. As a platform agnostic solution, SIDD performs all tasks without any existing integration or API required.