Imagine having the ability to gather information from multiple sources to populate a form without doing any manual work. SIDD Forms makes this possible. SIDD Forms automatically performs quick research to populate any form that lives within or outside your tools. By using SIDD, form filling in any CRM system becomes faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Whether it's filling out a ticket, populating an internal form, or transferring information to a third party form, SIDD's got it covered. With SIDD Forms, users no longer need to jump back and forth to different workflows on their computer screen to manually populate information. Not only does this reduce the time it takes for users to handle an interaction, it also reduces the human error involved in manually filling out information. 

How does SIDD Forms Work?

As a user works an interaction, SIDD tracks relevant case information to complete the appropriate forms. When a form is opened, SIDD will fill out everything it knows by researching and discovering detailed information. The information that SIDD finds and inputs into a form is shown by a SIDD indicator highlight. If SIDD ever needs help filling out a form, SIDD overlays graphics to clearly mark the fields a user would need to manually complete, ensuring no information gets overlooked.

SIDD can bridge all systems the user needs to fill out a form by using AI-based research. For example, SIDD can research an inventory management system, find the product information in the CRM, locate customer information, and collect shipping details from a third-party system, all to complete one form.