SIDD Sort works not only beside the agent, but also behind the scenes to read incoming tickets (email, SMS) to action, reassign, or escalate cases to the appropriate level or channel.

SIDD Sort sets you up for success, as you ensure the right team is looking at the right cases.

It also mitigates risk of an important customer communication going unanswered or not receiving the attention it needs. 

As agents are working cases, SIDD Sort can read the incoming customer inquiry and offer suggestions for escalation or reassignment, providing the agent with an easy click to re assign function, and add automatic case notes based on a summary of the transfer. 

Before a case reaches an agent, SIDD Sort can be reviewing cases as they come in, and reassigning based on context and key program policies, procedures, and initiatives. 

Examples where SIDD Sort can help include:

  • Major policy change you need to communicate through to your team, SIDD can be on the lookout to escalate.

  • Important legal cases, such as product recalls, or safety and security issues, can be reassigned to a specialized team who is trained to handle this type of response.