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Superpunch is our employee engagement tool that is changing the way people work.

Available on mobile and desktop, it helps streamline scheduling, payroll, employee communications, and other common day-to-day tasks.

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Superpunch has evolved into a centerpiece that includes a number of different programs to help push performance and culture, along with creating better compliance to schedule, lower absenteeism, and higher tenured team members.



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Based on attendance records, shift notifications are customized to maximize the incentive to be at work on time. These reminders create accountability and adherence to schedule policies.

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In-app live chat connects staff with subject matter experts to get answers to common questions, removing friction from the common employment experience.

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Workforce and payroll integration promotes transparency into pay and allows supervisors to better manage spikes or dips in volume, improving workforce efficiency.

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Mood Tracking

Built-in mood tracker directly  ties mood to performance, exports tangible data, and allows for increased engagement & satisfaction.


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Express Pay

Get paid through the app after every shift. Transfer funds, pay for items or withdraw cash with no service fees.


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Referral Rewards

Send referral codes via a text message and earn bonuses. Track status, applications, and payout right in the app.

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  • Improves communication with real-time push notification and schedule visibility

  • Provides instant performance management feedback

  • Increases engagement with tangible data collected through mood tracking

  • Helps team members increase take home pay

  • Promotes fairness with Attendance Points