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Stronger CSAT. Faster handle times. Higher QA scores. Laivly makes it all possible.

Retail contact centers using Laivly’s attended automation see a(n):
Reduction in Ramp Time
Workflow guidance and proactive QA cut down on training and improve compliance.
Reduction in AHT
Automated research and pre-drafted responses drastically reduce handle time.
Increase in FCR

Actionable Detection technology ensures inquiries are addressed in the first response.

Connect with us to learn how Laivly helps the world’s biggest retail brands optimize customer care for instant ROI.
One Simple Platform. Endless Efficiencies.
SIDD, the artificial intelligence powering the Laivly platform, pairs large language models, including secure GPT, with the ability to learn and perform actions. From agent assist to unattended models, our easy-to-integrate digital worker helps retail and e-commerce companies provide exceptional customer service in less time.
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From customer research to order management, SIDD can automate almost everything, including all of the tedious, time-consuming tasks agents usually perform manually.


Case-specific checklists, AI-driven approvals, and smart automations keep your concession spend in check and lead to big savings on training and inaccurate appeasements.

Makes Ramp
Time a Breeze

SIDD walks agents through the entire customer interaction with case data, prompts, and approvals in one easy view on their desktop, reducing speed-to-production and errors.


SIDD learns with each interaction and automates accordingly. It also uses your real-time data to suggest responses that are likely to return the highest QA and CSAT scores.

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At Laivly, we have one big mission:

Supercharge Your Entire Contact Center

We equip friendly humans with intelligent automations to create the best customer experience on the planet.


Inform Decisions

Work Smart, Save Time, Fight Fraud

SIDD compiles all relevant customer information, from loyalty status to potential for fraud, within seconds. With the details right on their desktop, agents can personalize responses, know when to escalate a case, and choose the right appeasement amount. 


Bridge Technology

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack

Laivly’s AI-powered orchestration layer accesses your systems through the frontend, so there’s no need for replatforming or complex integrations. Instead, it connects all of the tools your team uses and automates things you never thought possible.


Guide Workflows

Accelerate Speed to Production

SIDD guides agents through complex workflows, providing next-action predictions, case-specific checklists, and automation prompts. When agents, including new ones, always know what to do next, it lowers handle times and reduces costly errors.


Automate Tasks

Skyrocket Productivity

SIDD navigates, searches, solves problems, and communicates like a human. It drastically improves efficiency by taking repetitive, tedious work off agents’ plates and automating business functions at lightning-fast speeds.


Enforce Policies

Watch Those QA Levels Soar

Enjoy hands-off policy enforcement with proactive QA, AI-driven approvals, and safeguards (like blocking form fields). You get better agent compliance, lower appeasement costs, and a more consistent customer experience.


Respond Intelligently

Say Goodbye to Customer Churn

SIDD drafts accurate, on-brand responses in seconds instead of minutes, turning every customer into a loyal one. It can respond autonomously or recommend a template for the agent to personalize, creating a high-touch interaction in less time.

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Start each case with all the right info.

Laivly even adds an icebreaker for a personal touch.


Get real-time workflow predictions and guidance.

Laivly tells you the best next steps and provides intelligent automation.


Can't remember? Laivly has your back.

Laivly shows you relevant KB articles, external links, and reminders.


SIDD explained

Evolve Your Contact Center Today

Laivly creates a powerful and intuitive AI orchestration layer for your contact center’s existing tech stack. No replatforming. No APIs. Just a remarkably simple, secure, and intelligent bridge to the tools, data, and workflows that drive your team’s success.

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