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Harness the power of ChatGPT and intelligent automation in your contact center today without replatforming.
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The Contact Center of the Future Is Here

With Laivly, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent automation, and generative AI. Streamline workflows, guide agents to outcomes, and improve resolution speed, all while maintaining human empathy. Best of all, you can achieve all of this with your existing tech stack — no APIs or replatforming necessary.

Our enterprise-level solution isn’t a CRM or a chatbot, and it scales with you, no matter how far you grow. The future is Laivly.

Connect your existing tech stack with Laivly’s orchestration layer. Fast, easy integration without APIs!

See how Laivly keeps your information secure
Laivly is certified as a PCI DSS Service Provider. The compliance assessment was conducted by Coalfire Systems Inc., an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and the PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is available to customers upon request, or learn more on our Security & Data Protection page.

Value at Every Level of Your Organization

Laivly delivers tools for success to every team, every department:

Transforming Customer Care in Today’s Top Industries

Laivly enhances contact centers and customer care programs for brands with an eye on CX innovation. We deliver solutions to leading companies in:

Retail & eCommerce

Finance & Insurance

CPG & Manufacturing

Media & Entertainment

Tech Support & IT

Travel & Hospitality

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Shipping & Logistics

Features to Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

New or underperforming agents have the biggest impact on your KPIs. With Laivly’s guidance and enforcement tools, even brand new agents can perform at the level of your top agents. Plus, speed to green improves, which means faster ramp and more agile workforce management.
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Explore the Laivly Interface

Ice Breaker for a personal touch
SIDD grabs everything the agent needs at the start of a case

Explore the Laivly Interface

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    See How It All Comes Together

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    How Teams Thrive with Laivly

    Average Quality Assurance (QA) Score
    Improvement in Emails per Hour (EPH)
    Improvement in Average Handle Time (AHT)
    Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
    Reduction in Incorrect Appeasements
    Increase in Productivity
    After implementing a test of the SIDD email template suggestion technology, we saw improved efficiency and swiftly rolled it out to the entire email team with continued success. We continued to be pleased with our partnership and love that our Laivly teams excitedly welcomes new challenges such as customizing SIDD to develop an automated order cancelation process. This effort has not only improved efficiency but also driven greater success rates and CSAT.

    Ron Brown
    Senior Program Manager, Guest Services

    Laivly Provides Scalable, Enterprise-Level Digital Transformation. The Contact Center of the Future Is Here.


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