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Evolve your contact center with Laivly’s configurable enterprise solutions and bring generative AI, machine learning, and automation to your tech stack in ways you never thought possible.

Discover how Laivly future-proofs your contact center without replatforming.

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Introducing Your New Digital Worker

Meet SIDD, the friendly artificial intelligence that powers the Laivly platform. SIDD uses machine learning, automation, and large language models, including GPT, to reach resolutions faster and with more accuracy. From agent assist to unattended models, SIDD is the digital worker that’s built for the future of CX. 

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Impossible Was Yesterday

Your contact center is capable of more. Faster handle times. Stronger CSAT.
Lower appeasement costs. Smarter CX without replatforming. It’s all possible with Laivly.

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    Ice Breaker for a personal touch
    SIDD grabs everything the agent needs at the start of a case

    Intelligent Features for Smarter CX

    Evolve Your Contact Center Today

    Laivly creates a powerful and intuitive AI orchestration layer for your contact center’s existing tech stack. No replatforming. No APIs. Just a remarkably simple, secure, and intelligent bridge to the tools, training, and workflows that drive your team’s success.
    See how Laivly keeps your information secure
    Laivly is certified as a PCI DSS Service Provider. The compliance assessment was conducted by Coalfire Systems Inc., an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and the PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is available to customers upon request, or learn more on our Security & Data Protection page.

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