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The AI and Automation Platform for Contact Centers

Laivly solves the challenges of cost, consistency, and productivity for contact centers and customer service programs. The Laivly platform enables your existing tech stack to leverage generative AI, automation, and machine learning in practical, high-impact ways from day one. Augment your agents. Supercharge your self-service options. Our approach to AI for CX keeps humanity at the heart of customer service.

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Sidd, a rounded purple character, bringing CX to a whole new dimension

Practical Solutions for Next-Gen CX

Laivly is defining the future of CX technology with a configurable platform that lets contact centers unlock new levels of customer service across all channels. Seamlessly add Sidd—a digital intelligence that combines generative AI, machine learning, and automation—to your existing tech stack without replatforming for powerful omnichannel support. 

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Impossible Was Yesterday

Your contact center is capable of more. Faster handle times. Stronger CSAT.
Lower appeasement costs. Smarter CX without replatforming. It’s all possible with Laivly.
Laivly Achieves 916%ROI for a global lifestyle brand by driving behavioral change. Retailers realize massive savings by reshipping lost or damaged items to customers,
One Brand's fraud detection process cost more than it saved. Laivly changed that.
Negatine Online reviews hurt your brand. Here is how Laivly helped a global beauty brand respond.

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    Ice Breaker for a personal touch
    SIDD grabs everything the agent needs at the start of a case

    Intelligent Features for Smarter CX

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    Laivly creates a powerful and intuitive AI orchestration layer for your contact center’s existing tech stack. No replatforming. No APIs. Just a remarkably simple, secure, and intelligent bridge to the tools, training, and workflows that drive your team’s success.
    See how Laivly keeps your information secure

    Laivly is certified as a PCI DSS Service Provider. The compliance assessment was conducted by Coalfire Systems Inc., an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and the PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AOC) is available to customers upon request, or learn more on our Security & Data Protection page.

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    Sidd, a rounded purple character, bringing CX to a whole new dimension

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