Skyrocket efficiency with automated workflows that save time and money.

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Don’t Get Tied Up in Tedious Tasks and Workflows.

Guide agents through complex processes in real time with likeliest next action predictions, checklists, and automated approvals that help save time and money while providing the best experience for your customers.

Step-by-Step Guidance in One Easy View

Use helpful case-specific checklists to guide agents through complex processes and policies. Checklists are presented in an easy-to-view augmented display that clearly lists each step so nothing is missed.

Save Time with Pre-Populated Forms

Significantly cut back on handle time and reduce the human error involved in manually filling out form fields. Utilizing AI-based research, Laivly pre-fills forms for the agent and guides them to provide any details it doesn’t know.

Keep Agents Focused on What’s Next

Receive automation prompts throughout every interaction so the agent always knows what to do next. Get notifications to create an escalation ticket, copy notes between systems, or draft an on-brand email response.

Stay On-Brand with Pre-Drafted Responses

For written responses, Laivly uses a combination of AI, ML, and digital automation to quickly gather key details across all systems and pre-draft an on-brand email reply within seconds—your agent just adds their personal touch.

How Laivly Saves the Day

Time savings for order finding
Time savings for phone lookup
Average CSAT improvement

Laivly Is Your Agents' Superpower.

  • Get AI-powered automated approvals on items that previously required authorization from team leaders
  • Ensure compliance to key policies and receive detailed reporting on policy adherence
  • Decrease the number of inaccurate decisions or entries
  • Maintain consistency across every customer experience when resolving queries or concerns
  • Increase insight into overall spend with granular data to inform larger policy decisions
  • Get real-time insights into training and coaching opportunities for agents
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Superhero Agents Make Happy Customers

“It makes work easier because it automatically pulls up all of the customer information. It makes things faster.”

━ Nimrat, Call Agent

“I love it. Laivly is amazing! It cuts our work in half.”

━ Judy, Chat & Email

“My workflow has improved significantly after using SIDD with my existing tools. Definitely recommending it to my colleagues!”

━ Anthony, Email

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