Laivly Security & Data Protection

Our technology was developed specifically for the contact center environment, so we understand the importance of protecting proprietary company information, your customers’ information, and access to your tools and systems.



Laivly’s product and architecture is built on security, customer privacy, and compliance.

By using best-in-breed infrastructure, monitoring and auditing security measures with leading independent third-party assessors, and fostering a security-first culture.

Enterprise-Ready, 3rd-Party Verified Security and Compliance

The Laivly platform is built to the highest standards and best practices, and our implementation and adherence is tested comprehensively and regularly by third parties.


Data Security and Privacy by Design

Our platform does not save or store any sensitive or personally identifying information, and any such information on historical data is scrubbed and sanitized before ingestion for machine learning.


Secure Infrastructure and Architecture

We designed our product, operations, and solution architecture to support the security-compliant contact center. Our infrastructure and endpoint applications meet rigorous, best-in-class standards.


Our Security-First Culture

Our people and processes make security and privacy part of what we live and breathe on a daily basis. Our commitment to trust and security goes beyond an annual audit or a checkbox on an RFP.

Accreditations & Compliance

Laivly respects your data and supports your secure and compliant contact center.


Want to learn more about how we use and protect data?

Download our Data Governance document now.