You know your customers, Laivly knows the details

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Don’t waste time digging for the details

Laivly compiles all relevant customer information within seconds—even if it lives across multiple systems—saving valuable time for the agent and customer (think of it like X-Ray Vision of every customer).

Let Laivly handle the details

Gather important customer data (like addresses and order history) so agents have all the information they need from the moment they answer a call.

No costly integration or API required

Unlike most agent assist tools that live inside your CRM, Laivly lives on the desktop. Instantly layer AI, ML, and Digital Automation into all of your existing systems for contact center-focused functionality.

Save time with customer information at your fingertips

Populate real-time case data and summarize information within seconds so the agent has everything they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience across any channel.

Power up with Digital Automation

Leverage powerful Digital Automation to do the initial heavy lifting for the agent so they can focus on creating a more personalized interaction with the customer.

How we Save the day

Time savings for order finding
Time savings for phone lookup
Average CSAT improvement

Superhero agents make happy customers

“It makes work easier because it automatically pulls up all of the customer information. It makes things faster.”

━ Nimrat, Call Agent

“I love it. Laivly is amazing! It cuts our work in half.”

━ Judy, Chat & Email

“My workflow has improved significantly after using SIDD with my existing tools. Definitely recommending it to my colleagues!”

━ Anthony, Email

    Laivly is your agent’s Superpower

    • Platform-agnostic with no additional development required
    • Truly omnichannel for a seamless experience across all platforms
    • Gather customer information across your entire tech stack in one easy view
    • Boost agent productivity, freeing up time so they can focus on high-value tasks
    • Receive richer, real-time information about every customer interaction
    • Improve new team members’ performance and boost morale for better employee retention
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    Ready for the future of attended automation?

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