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Imagine you had an Artificial Intelligence assistant that drafted responses for you. Rather than your agents creating responses for your customers from scratch, they work with the AI assistant to create and send responses quickly and more accurately.

SIDD is that AI assistant. SIDD lives on agents' desktops, empowering them to handle customer interactions more efficiently and with more empathy.

Equipped with advanced intelligence, smart process automation, and independent learning capabilities, SIDD works beside, behind, and ahead of an agent to create better customer experiences.


Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and bot technology, SIDD works in the background, finding the best response so the agent doesn’t have to. This allows the agent to focus on the live interaction with the customer.

This is just the beginning. SIDD is totally platform agnostic and can work within any tool. Think about your workflows. Anytime you copy and paste or switch between windows, could SIDD do it for you?


Brain network signifying Artificial Intelligence


This is how SIDD thinks and helps your agents make smart decisions in the moment. SIDD hears words being said and makes recommendations to the agent or takes action in the background.

Robot arms signifying Machine Learning


This is how SIDD learns and improves as it goes along, and processes vast quantities of data. The more an agent agrees or disagrees with SIDD, the more SIDD learns what to do (or not to do!) next time. 

Robot representing Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

This is SIDD’s hands and eyes. SIDD sees and reads text, URLs, and can take action just like a person -  but hundreds of times faster!

Robot using Chat capabilities, representing bot technology


This is how SIDD communicates its recommendations to assist agents by writing in plain language, composing customer responses and case notes, and performing real-time quality checks on outgoing work. 




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Improved Productivity

Reduction in overall handle time by assisting agents with personalized email responses from vetted templates.

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Improved FCR & CSAT

Presenting the agent with the original email and layering on SIDD’s actionable detection in an easy to view UI allows them to ensure all customers' requests are addressed in the response.

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Improved QA

QA is not sacrificed, as time is used to personalize the recommended response, rather than finding the appropriate copy.