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Laivly improves the agent experience with Attended Automation

From saving brands money on concessions to empowering agents to offer empathetic and personalized service to every customer — Laivly delivers results that prove your program doesn’t have to sacrifice high quality interactions or agent satisfaction for speed and productivity.

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Featured image for “Case Study: Efficiency and CSAT”

Case Study: Efficiency and CSAT

Laivly worked with one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies to deliver simultaneous improvements to agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, and…
Featured image for “Case Study: Concession Savings”

Case Study: Concession Savings

Laivly collaborated with the leading vacation rental marketplace to reduce customer appeasement costs while preserving customer satisfaction scores.…
Featured image for “Laivly wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the BPO Innovation Summit”

Laivly wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the BPO Innovation Summit

Laivly, a market leader in artificial intelligence and automation for contact centers, has won the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at…
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4 Data Security Measures Your CX Tech Vendors Should Have in Place

Knowing a few security best practices to look for in a technology partner can help you make the best choice…
Featured image for “Six Ways Attended Automation Can Transform Your Call Center”

Six Ways Attended Automation Can Transform Your Call Center

Read an excerpt of Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes’ article for Connections Magazine, and learn about the positive impact of attended…
Featured image for “3 Ways to Control Customer Appeasement Costs (and Build Customer Loyalty)”

3 Ways to Control Customer Appeasement Costs (and Build Customer Loyalty)

In virtually any industry, customer appeasement is just a cost of doing business. Offering a concession to avoid or pacify…
Featured image for “Contact Center Jobs Are Tough: Here Are Three Ways Technology Can Help”

Contact Center Jobs Are Tough: Here Are Three Ways Technology Can Help

Read an excerpt from Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes’ article for Forbes, about some of the ways technology can improve the…
Featured image for “Laivly Launch Covered in VentureBeat Exclusive”

Laivly Launch Covered in VentureBeat Exclusive

As Laivly officially announced the launch of our attended AI platform created specifically for contact centers, VentureBeat interviewed Laivly CEO…

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Humanize CX with Attended AI

A great customer experience starts with a great agent experience. Laivly supports and empowers your agents to deliver exceptional service to every customer with more speed, accuracy, confidence, and empathy than ever before. Book a demo to find out how your CX program can be our next success story.

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Concession Savings

Improving Expense Accuracy While Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

We collaborated with a top vacation rental marketplace by empowering their agents and Expense Approval Team to approve “make goods” with speed, accuracy, and confidence while saving money and preserving customer satisfaction scores.

Find out how the accuracy of expenses improved by 41% and projected annual savings amounted to $7.9 million with Laivly.


Brand Quality

Creating a Consistent Customer Experience and Streamlined Communication

We partnered with the world’s largest cosmetics company to automate tedious tasks and help their agents maintain brand consistency in email communications while increasing overall efficiency and quality scores.

Learn how Laivly supported a 12% increase in perfect Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores while simultaneously improving emails per hour (EPH) by nearly 50%.


Agent Speed-to-Production

Decreasing Necessary New Hire Training Time for Faster Ramp

We collaborated with America’s leading beauty retailer to prepare them for their busy holiday ramp season. Laivly helped new agents achieve faster speed-to-production while handling an increased volume of customer inquiries.

Read how Laivly helped new agents reach expected performance levels 62% faster, 5 weeks ahead of those not using Laivly.


Agent Performance & Efficiency

Empowering Agents to Become Product Experts while Improving Average Handle Time

Laivly collaborated with one of the largest manufacturers of packaged consumer foods by automating time-consuming tasks like form-filling and email responses, and improving overall efficiency.

Explore how Laivly saved 1,741 hours over a 5-month period, or an average handle time (AHT) reduction of 56 sec. per interaction.


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