Automate contact center tasks and actions you never thought possible.

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Streamline your entire contact center with powerful attended automation.

Laivly takes over tedious, repetitive tasks so agents can focus on creating amazing customer experiences. Simplify and automate workflows across all tools to improve accuracy and save valuable time.

Surface Important Information in Real Time

Improve the efficiency of even your most productive agents with automated research and real-time case data sourced from across every tool in your tech stack.

Automatically Populate Any Form

Instantly surface key details to automatically populate form fields and support tickets for the agent. Reduce the human error involved with manual work while reaching a faster resolution for the customer.

Get Guidance on Best Next Actions

Laivly follows the agent through every interaction, signaling for automation opportunities like creating an escalation ticket, copying notes between systems, and drafting on-brand email responses to simplify the next steps.

Use Laivly Respond's Speedy Pre-Drafted Replies

Use AI-recommended response templates to draft a reply within seconds. The agent just adds their own personalization to create a high-touch interaction that keeps your QA levels soaring.

Laivly Can Do All of That

...and so much more.

Process a return


Reply to an inquiry


Solve a complaint


Find order information


Process a refund or warranty case


Surface product information


Transfer case details across multiple systems


Escalate to a supplier or partner


Track an order


Book an appointment

How Laivly Saves the Day

QA Score

Accurate and consistent messaging leads to higher-quality interactions.

Improvement in EHT

Automated research and pre-drafted response templates significantly improve email handle time.

Improvement in EPH

Attended automation and pre-drafted responses skyrocket the number of emails sent per hour.

Reduction in AHT

Automated research and pre-drafted response templates drastically decrease handle time.

Increase in Productivity

Automating time-consuming tasks makes agents more efficient than ever.

Improvement in CSAT

Fast, streamlined appeasements keep your customers coming back.

Ready for the future of attended automation?

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