You’ve laid out the best possible policies for your business. We make sure your agents stick to them.

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Leverage AI, digital automation, and augmented display technologies to enforce business rules and set up system safeguards so your agents accurately adhere to important business policies during every interaction.

Guide Agents to the Right Policy with Attended AI

AI-driven recommendations ensure agents always adhere to policy while maintaining a consistent, on-brand experience that your customers will appreciate.

Accelerate Speed-to-Production

Ramp time again? Achieve speed-to-production 2.5 times faster with AI-driven policy safeguards (like blocking form fields or restricting clickable areas). Reduce inaccurate appeasements and increase policy adherence—all while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Keep Your Concession Spend in Check

Get creative with solutions that go beyond costly refunds. From extending promotions to suggesting a free month on a subscription, AI-driven approvals proactively recommend appropriate appeasement amounts.

Speed Through Approvals and Escalations

Utilize reactive AI to provide automated approvals on items that previously required authorization from team leaders. Empower agents to offer fast, cost-saving appeasement solutions (like turning a refund into a new sale).

Handle Complex Warranty Claims with Ease

Instantly aggregate key information (like account details and order history), so agents can speed through complex warranty claims and eliminate tedious back-and-forth interactions with the customer.

Laivly Can Do All of That

...and so much more.

Ensure compliance to key policies and receive detailed reporting on policy adherence


Maintain a consistent customer experience when resolving order issues or warranty requests


Retain customers and minimize spending on invalid expenses


Boost customer satisfaction (CSAT) and increase customer lifetime value (CLV)


Resolve issues faster than ever with AI-driven automated approvals


Reduce training time and costs associated with poor agent retention


Scale up faster during busy ramp periods


Increase insight into overall spend with granular data to inform larger policy decisions

How Laivly Saves the Day

QA Score

Accurate and consistent messaging leads to higher-quality interactions.

Policy Adherence

Increase policy adherence across every channel of your business.

Increase in Accuracy of Expenses

Significantly reduce costly errors and invalid expenses.

Increase in Speed to Production

New agents achieve production levels faster to produce significant savings on invalid expenses and appeasements.

Increase in Productivity

Efficiency is significantly improved as agents don’t waste time scrambling through complicated processes and decision-making.

Improvement in CSAT

Fast, on-brand resolutions keep your customers coming back.

in Savings

Skyrocket your cost savings by implementing controls within your CRM.

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