Respond to customers faster than ever with an AI engine that proactively drafts accurate, on-brand messages.

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Leverage Advanced AI, Machine Learning, and Digital Automation.

Quickly gather relevant information across all channels and draft the perfect response within seconds. Whether it’s an email, social media post, review, or support ticket, Laivly has you covered.

Transform Your Customer-Agent Interactions

Turn every agent into a brand expert, equipping them with the toolkit to provide a consistent customer experience across every channel of your business while adhering to important company policies.

Automate Tedious Research

Utilize natural language processing and digital automation to quickly identify all queries in an email and compare it against thousands of prior responses to determine the best possible answer for the agent.

Reply Faster with Pre-Drafted Response Templates

Select a branded template from a list of pre-drafted replies most likely to return the highest QA scores. Time previously spent searching for the right response is instead used to add personalization and empathy.

Review for Accuracy with Smart Editor

Use the intelligent editor to validate for grammar, spelling, and tone in real-time while the agent adds their personal touch. The agent conducts a final quality check before sending, and then Laivly is ready for the next email.

Laivly Is Always Learning

Agents provide constant feedback when they modify a response or select an alternative template, helping Laivly improve accuracy after every case and continuously optimize your customer experience.

How Laivly Saves the Day

Increase in FCR

Actionable Detection technology ensures all inquiries addressed in the first response.

QA Score

Spend time personalizing the recommended response instead of searching for the appropriate copy.

Increase in Productivity

Respond within seconds instead of minutes, significantly improving productivity levels and efficiency.

Increase in CSAT

Fast, personalized resolutions turn every customer into a loyal one.

Turn Every Agent into a Super Agent.

Let Laivly take over repetitive, low-value tasks (like searching for response templates) so your agents can focus on making a positive impact for their customers. Empowered agents take pride in their work, resulting in boosted morale, increased job satisfaction, and better employee retention.


of Laivly users say better technology boosts job satisfaction

Agents are the heroes of your contact center. Laivly is their superpower.

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Recognizes a new email, analyzing text and issue details within seconds.

Step 2 of 6

Highlights key issues (ensuring no topic is missed) and suggests an on-brand templated response.

Step 3 of 6

The agent personalizes the pre-drafted response.

Step 4 of 6

Laivly exports a draft into your CRM, adding any additional paragraphs from the agent.

Step 5 of 6

The agent conducts a final review and quality check before sending.

Step 6 of 6

Laivly is ready for the next email!

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