The hands of a customer service agent type on a laptop displaying a chat window

How Generative AI Succeeds Where Chatbots Failed

Below is an excerpt from our guest post for Execs In The Know.

The buzz about generative AI is everywhere right now. For those in the contact center space, it might sound a lot like the hype surrounding chatbots several years ago, when customer experience programs were rushing to implement the latest time- and money-saving tech. But where chatbots never truly lived up to their promise, generative AI is set to usher in a major business revolution. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 10% of current live contact center interactions will be automated using artificial intelligence—the holy grail that chatbots never found. But what makes generative AI different from traditional bots—different enough to create a fundamental change in the way contact centers operate?

The potential lies in pairing the natural language capabilities of a generative AI model like ChatGPT with an AI solution that can also learn and perform actions. Compared to chatbots, which simply present information available elsewhere before transferring more complex cases to an agent, a generative AI solution could facilitate an entire interaction with a customer—even a highly complex problem or an issue that is not well defined by the consumer.

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