How Generative AI Succeeds Where Chatbots Failed

The buzz about generative AI is everywhere right now. For those in the contact center space, it might sound a lot like the hype surrounding chatbots several years ago, when customer experience programs were rushing to implement the latest time- and money-saving tech. But where chatbots never truly lived up to their promise, generative AI is set to usher in a major business revolution.

3 Ways Attended AI Helps Contact Centers Win at WFH

Working from home brings both benefits and obstacles, with three of the biggest challenge areas for remote CX teams involving training and coaching, agent performance, and security and risk management. Attended AI bridges the gap in these areas and optimizes the work-from-home experience.

Laivly wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the BPO Innovation Summit

Laivly, a market leader in artificial intelligence and automation for contact centers, has won the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the 9th Edition BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022 presented by UBS Forums. The Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award recognizes organizations that apply AI solutions in the workplace to solve real-life challenges.

Laivly Launch Covered in VentureBeat Exclusive

As Laivly officially announced the launch of our attended AI platform created specifically for contact centers, VentureBeat interviewed Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes for an exclusive feature.

Diversity in Tech

It’s no secret that the tech industry is predominantly male dominated, and has been for a long time. As we enter a new decade … Read More