AR and VR: On Your Tech Radar

When you think of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), you might think of an improved gaming experience with special consoles and headsets. Although these gimmicks are the most well-known uses of the technology, the truth is, AR and VR are used for a lot more than just entertainment purposes. In a business sense, they have the potential to impact both customer and employee experience. 

Take employee training for example. AR and VR technology can actually deliver more focused training opportunities in a wide variety of occupations. From hands-on work to specific business processes, employees can perform virtual learning to help them succeed more quickly in their workplace. 

When we think about the customer experience, there are so many ways that AR and VR can have an impact. For example, have you ever been shopping for a furniture item – let’s say a rug- and tried to picture it in your living room? Maybe you thought it would look great,  so you went ahead and bought it. Fast forward to a few hours later when you put the rug in your living room only to find that you don’t like it at all… do you take it back? What if it was an item that can’t be returned? There’s a way to avoid this buyer’s remorse, and that’s with the use of AR and VR. If customers could virtually place products in their homes to see what it would look like before committing to the purchase, this would result in a much greater overall customer satisfaction. This example of implementing AR/VR in a practical setting is just one of many ways businesses can capitalize on the opportunity this technology creates. 

Not only can AR/VR implementation provide you with increased bottom-line growth, there are also benefits such as improved brand reputation, speed, and customer service. When combined with other innovative technology across different lines of business, AR and VR can make a real impact. 

Although this technology is still evolving and hasn’t been put into many business use cases, it’s definitely on the rise. AR and VR are gaining popularity, and as awareness grows, so will adoption rates in both social and business environments. Learn more here.