3 Ways Attended AI Helps Contact Centers Win at WFH

Working from home brings both benefits and obstacles, with three of the biggest challenge areas for remote CX teams involving training and coaching, agent performance, and security and risk management. Attended AI bridges the gap in these areas and optimizes the work-from-home experience.

Case Study: Agent Performance & Efficiency

Laivly collaborated with one of the largest manufacturers of packaged consumer foods, equipping their agents to handle customer queries and escalations faster and more efficiently—without negatively impacting quality.

Case Study: Efficiency and CSAT

Laivly worked with one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies to deliver simultaneous improvements to agent efficiency, customer satisfaction, and brand consistency.

Case Study: Concession Savings

Laivly collaborated with the leading vacation rental marketplace to reduce customer appeasement costs while preserving customer satisfaction scores.

Should You Be Concerned About Sentient AI?

“The consensus in the machine learning community is that sentience is a moving goalpost,” says Laivly’s Director of Machine Learning, Jonathan Rioux. “AI merely emulates text of greater sensitivity.” In other words, the machine is getting better at mimicking humans, but it still requires the input of humans. And that keeps changing the definition of what it means for a computer to pass as a human.