Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: A New Age of Customer Service

Today’s consumers expect fast, convenient, and efficient customer service. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine Learning (ML) technology, this expectation can become a reality. In order to make customer experience improvements, we first must understand who our customers are. This includes utilizing customer data to determine customers’ needs, likes, and activities, giving an inside look at how well we know them. AI and ML are used to gather and process this data.

Technology can also assist in personalizing the experience for customers. With the growth and development of sophisticated language models, AI bots can become a key part of a customer service experience, including the ability to provide real-time recommendations and personalizations for customers. This requires a greater focus on language models and sentiment analysis to ensure the bot understands the customers as well as a human would.

Not only can AI and ML make a shopping experience easier and more personalized, they can also prevent fraud and online crime. Nowadays, criminals are leveraging bot technology to commit internet fraud, and without machine learning, this fraud would be much harder to detect.

Clearly we’ve got some superhero technology among us! To learn more about how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are reshaping customer service, check out this article.