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The Changing Landscape of Email in Customer Experience

Below is an excerpt from Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes’ article for Fast Company.

“The emergence of generative AI, especially paired with automation, has made email interactions in CX more effective and cost-efficient. Now a generative AI and automation platform has the ability to comprehend customer queries and draft responses much faster and more accurately—and with more automation—than was previously possible. Even a multi-reply email thread can now be just as cost effective (or moreso) than a single phone call. And where automation on phone calls tends to come at the price of lower CSAT, the data shows that customers are more accepting of automation in a text-based environment. 

Now, you might be thinking, haven’t less-sophisticated email bots been doing this for the past 10 years on very simple customer problems, such as password resets? Well, on a basic level, yes. But new technology allows for much more sophisticated problem solving. Generative AI and automation solutions, such as Laivly’s Sidd, can now address complex problems—and take action. In the contact center, these AI-powered digital workers seamlessly navigate and perform tasks just like human agents. This integration of generative AI and automation empowers businesses to handle email interactions much more efficiently, answering queries promptly and enabling problem-solving without human intervention.”

Read the full article at Fast Company and discover how AI and automation are helping to reimagine email as a support channel.

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