Orchestration Layer

Any tool, anytime, anywhere.
Laivly connects them all.

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A connected contact center is a powerful one. Laivly's AI-powered orchestration layer lives on top of your tech stack, surfacing data across all of your systems to create incredible customer and agent experiences.

Connect Every Tool in Your Tech Stack

The orchestration layer sits on the agent’s desktop and pulls relevant data from the apps and tools beneath so your agents can draft high-touch responses in a flash—no more copy and paste or clicking between windows.

No Need for APIs

Synthesize information across every tool and data stream in your contact center—no APIs required.

Attended AI Is the Brain Behind Your Operations

Make your contact center smarter so your agents can work better, not harder. Inject powerful AI into any system and layer it across your entire tech stack.

Automate Everything You Thought You Couldn’t

Automate all the tasks in your contact center you didn't think possible—until now. Laivly connects every tool in your tech stack to automate workflows and guide agents to outcomes faster than ever before.

Better Technology Means Happier Agents

Laivly takes over repetitive, low-value tasks so agents can focus on what they do best: creating incredible customer experiences.


of Laivly users say better technology boosts job satisfaction

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