Keep Your Data in the Right Hands

When it comes to data, no company wants private information getting into the wrong hands. Although concerns about data privacy have always been relevant, they have definitely risen to the forefront of discussion in the tech world. As technology advances and hackers become much more equipped to perform data breaches, data security has become a top of mind concern.

As companies continue to incorporate more remote work, including the use of laptops and mobile devices, they need to pay special attention to protecting endpoint security for their networks. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are tools that can help enhance endpoint security.

Did you know that machine learning (ML) has become the primary detection method for identifying and stopping malware attacks? Although ML was initially used to provide back-end support for malware protection workflows, it has now become the largest defence against breach attempts.

Machine learning determines risk scores based on a variety of factors including geolocation and time of login. Supervised machine learning leverages historical data to find patterns, while unsupervised machine learning works to discover anomalies and interrelationships. The combination of the two is proving to be effective in shutting down access to endpoints.

What can you do to improve data protection? Check out this article to understand the top 10 ways AI and Machine Learning can help redefine your endpoint security and keep your data in the right hands.