We put the “AI” in Prairie

Laivly’s Josh McPhail and Jordan Cole showed off their superpowers at the recent Prairie Dev Con held in Winnipeg on June 4 & 5, 2019.

Prairie Dev Con (Prairie Developer Conference) provides an opportunity for high quality professional development on a more local scale. The conference brings together developers who are interested in improving their skills and learning new ways they can leverage technology in their workplaces. 24-7 Intouch and Laivly were a diamond sponsor of this year’s conference.

Josh and Jordan, who are both Lead Software Developers with Laivly, presented about actionable detection and natural language processing, specifically relating to customer service efficiency. One of their goals was to get the audience thinking about how they can apply the same type of technology to their own business problems.

The pair highlighted how the Laivly machine learning team has used data to train our AI-based agent assist tool, SIDD, to understand natural language like a person would, including sentiment analysis and keyword detection. SIDD analyzes emails in a matter of seconds, determines what action needs to be taken, then drafts a response. This actionable detection increases efficiency and empowers our agents who are using the technology. After all, Laivly is technology that cares!

Jordan, who was the first developer at Laivly to pioneer our SIDD project, noted that machine learning has been around for decades, but has now reached a point where it is feasible to use commercially. “I’m excited to be one of the people who will have an opportunity to shape the future of this field in its early stages.” Jordan stated. Businesses are continuing to get on board with investing in AI solutions, and developers are recognizing that the tools to utilize the technology are not yet fully developed.

When asked about his thoughts on disruptive technologies, Josh noted that it all comes down to a matter of optimization. “I’m beyond excited to be part of the force continually pushing new technological boundaries”.  Using cutting-edge technology to optimize or automate tasks allows professionals to shift their focus from old tasks to new challenges, leading to the creation of further disruptive technologies.

Where is the future of actionable detection headed at Laivly? The team has started looking at how to incorporate other languages into SIDD’s detection capabilities, and will also be starting to apply actionable detection to both chat and voice scenarios.

The future is technology. The future is Laivly.