A smiling female contact center agent sits behind a computer desk

Contact Center Jobs Are Tough: Here Are Three Ways Technology Can Help

Below is an excerpt from Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes’ article for Forbes.

“Contact center jobs are some of the toughest out there. Customer service agents deal with a variety of stressors in the course of a day: angry customers, problems with orders and questions about products or services they can’t answer off the tops of their heads. It’s little surprise that call center burnout and turnover rates are higher than ever and have led to record wait times, particularly during the pandemic when agents worked longer shifts to accommodate the number of customers who experienced problems with deliveries.

Despite the rise of bots and apps—which were designed to eventually supplant humans—live agent call center volume isn’t dropping, either; some call centers are busier than ever with customers who need more help than the one-dimensional solutions provided by chatbots. During the pandemic, Harvard Business Review reported a spike in call center hold times as well as a doubling of customer calls deemed “difficult.” But customer service jobs haven’t experienced a meaningful change in years, if not decades. Advances in call center technology have lagged in the 21st century, in part because some companies assumed bots and apps would eventually remove the need for human involvement.”

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