Open Your Eyes To Data Blindness

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about the importance of cybersecurity and protecting customer data from being breached. But how can a company protect their customer data if they aren’t sure where it lives? A detrimental error when it comes to data protection is data blindness: not knowing what data you have or where it lives.

In the artificial intelligence world of today, data is everything! Yet, more than 40% of organizations today don’t know where their data is stored. The consequences of such data blindness can be extremely damaging to your business, as it becomes nearly impossible to predict, or  protect against, data breaches.

An effective solution? Multi-cloud data management, which allows your company to combat data blindness and the crippling consequences that come with it. With multi-cloud data management, data can easily be classified and sorted, leading to a quick search and identification of data when it’s needed. Not only will this allow for greater efficiency, it also enables better protection from potential data breaches. The proactive nature of multi-cloud data management removes vulnerable data before a data breach hits so that your company won’t suffer from the negative impacts a data breach can cause.

To learn more about the detrimental nature of data blindness and how you can keep your eyes open to prevent it from happening in your company, check out this article.