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How Legacy Systems Are Holding Your Contact Center Back—and What to Do About It. 

May 1, 2024

Have you been putting off updating outdated systems in your contact center? You’re likely not alone. Traditionally, upgrading legacy software to new solutions requires a complete overhaul—one that’s costly and time-consuming. But what if you could approach this problem with a fresh solution? 

Consider the idea of layering modern technology on top of your existing tech stack. No complicated APIs or messy backend integrations. Just a seamless solution that accesses tools and information the same way your agents do. The result? A smooth and easy transition into the future, where your brand can yield all the benefits of AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation without replatforming or starting from the ground up. 

Current State of Tech in Legacy Contact Centers 

Do you know who chose the systems and software your contact center agents use? Too often, the contact center gets saddled with technology that was chosen for other areas of the company (think POS, loyalty systems), whether or not it makes sense or is optimized for CX. While these systems might still work well in those areas of your organization, trying to add an AI-enabled contact center solution to these legacy tech stacks can turn even the most accommodating IT department into adversaries of your CX program. And that’s even before any functionality breakdowns that often come from throwing APIs at an outdated system. 

The good news? Now there’s an alternative. A solution like Sidd from Laivly bypasses the need for APIs and uses a system-agnostic platform. An AI-powered orchestration layer seamlessly connects and communicates between all tools, old and new. Rather than overhauling your entire tech stack, this practical and speedy solution makes outdated systems more efficient.

How Big of a Problem Are Legacy Systems, Anyway?

Relying on API patchwork as your contact center grows is a bit like a game of Jenga. Things might remain stable for a while as you add modern tech to legacy systems, but eventually the communication barriers between systems will cause a crash. The Southwest Airline debacle during the busy 2022 Christmas travel period, which resulted in 16,000 cancellations, is a prime example of this. Though the disaster was triggered by bad weather, the problem was ultimately attributed to “…a failure to modernize technology.” 

The complicated, lengthy, and disruptive process of replacing outdated systems causes industries with lots of moving parts, such as airlines, to hesitate in upgrading their tech. However, these older systems struggle to adapt to changing market conditions. Scalability is complex, and legacy systems may not integrate with modern, digital business tools. Ultimately, upgrading is essential to avoid disruption in your business.

Laivly: Your Partner for Transitioning to an AI-Augmented Contact Center

The prospect of transitioning from a legacy call center to a modern, AI-enhanced solution may initially seem overwhelming. However, with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced technology partner, this transition can be smooth and decidedly advantageous. And with a solution like the Laivly platform, which accesses your existing contact center tools through the front end like an agent would, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of AI and automation without the need for complex integration, APIs, or re-platforming.

Easy integration means that you can augment your contact center with AI today, and immediately start seeing the value unfold. Let’s look at some of the core features of Laivly’s AI and automation platform for contact centers, and how you can take advantage of them.

Smart Response (for Fine-Tuning Brand Voice)

Writing effective, policy-compliant, on-brand emails from scratch is difficult and time consuming for the agent. Laivly’s Smart Response features expedites this process for them by drafting emails for detected topics, tuning the language for brand voice, and keeping the responses concise and accurate. Agents simply need to review, personalize as necessary, and send.

Silent Sidd (for Data Reporting and Real-Time Analytics)

With the ability to track and analyze every customer interaction, Silent Sidd provides contact centers invaluable insights into agent performance and customer behavior, in real time. Such granular data analysis supports the continuous optimization of services, contributing to a cycle of ongoing improvement and elevated customer satisfaction.

Digital Worker (for Routine Tasks)

Laivly’s platform includes an intelligent virtual agent equipped to handle routine customer inquiries efficiently. Acting as an AI-powered virtual agent, the platform helps free up its human counterparts and allow them to devote their focus and expertise to more complex, value-added tasks that require a personal touch and nuanced understanding.

Agent Copilot (for Agent Support)

Laivly further supports human agents by augmenting them with guidance and anticipation of needs. These state-of-the-art tools are continually at work during live interactions, quickly assisting agents and accurately resolving queries. The result is increased customer service quality because of quicker response times and more effective problem resolution.

Reduced employee churn costs

One of the biggest benefits of advanced technology is reduced burnout and turnover in your human staff. Because AI handles the repetitive “swivel chair” tasks, human agents can concentrate on problem solving that needs the human touch—and that makes the job more rewarding. Less burnout means less turnover. Costs associated with employee turnover, which can often represent as much as a third of an overall customer service staffing budget, will be significantly reduced.

Increased brand reputation

Happier humans also perform their tasks more efficiently and serve customers better, creating a stronger connection between consumers and the brand. Strengthening that trust bond will produce repeat customers. And with proactive QA and workflow automation, managers can be certain that policies are followed, ensuring the brand’s reputation remains strong.

In this era marked by rapidly accelerating advancements and soaring customer service expectations, the choice to transition from legacy contact center systems to modern ones, bolstered by the power of AI, isn’t just a desirable option, it’s an absolute necessity. 

Laivly’s robust AI solutions offer a fast, seamless transition and maximized return on your call center investment. Contact Laivly today for a demonstration of the game-changing potential of AI.

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