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Laivly wins Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the BPO Innovation Summit 2022

September 21, 2022

WINNIPEG, MB  –  September 21, 2022   –   Laivly, a market leader in artificial intelligence and automation for contact centers, has won the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award at the 9th Edition BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022 presented by UBS Forums. 

The Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award recognizes organizations that apply AI solutions in the workplace to solve real-life challenges. Laivly was nominated for the extraordinary results its AI-driven attended automation platform provided global contact center 24-7 Intouch in supporting the customer service agents of a leading grocery delivery company.

By automating many of the checks previously done by hand, Laivly’s attended AI platform reduced average handle time (AHT) for fraud investigation cases by 32% within 75 days of implementation while also substantially improving accuracy. 

“Our industry is becoming increasingly digital, and our focus as an industry leader on attended automation technology has not only better equipped our team members to support our customers and stakeholders, but has also improved the overall employee experience,” said Dishant Bhojwani, EVP, Head of APAC Region & Global Head of Operations Strategy for 24-7 Intouch. “This technology has enabled us to exceed our KPIs, win with customer experience, and boost our retention through increased job satisfaction.”

Laivly is revolutionizing the contact center industry with AI-powered technology developed specifically to assist agents in their day-to-day responsibilities, removing many of the technical barriers and challenges.

“We know the best way to improve the customer experience is to improve the agent experience,” said Jeff Fettes, CEO and founder of Laivly. “By augmenting human agents, artificial intelligence has the potential to completely transform the contact center and refocus customer service on personal connection and empathy. We’re honored to be recognized for our innovation in this area.” 

UBS Forums, based in India, is a leading provider of informative, content-driven business conferencing with a focus on personalized learning and leadership. They host sessions designed for transformative learning featuring a mix of panel discussions, case studies, best practices, and think tank sessions to actively engage participants.

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About Laivly

Laivly is part of the emerging class of CX technology that combines AI and automation with live agents to unlock the full value of human connection in customer care. By seamlessly connecting with existing contact center tools and systems (no API required), Laivly adds a powerful and intuitive artificial intelligence layer to the customer service agent’s desktop, empowering them to make faster decisions, speedier resolutions, smarter appeasements, and perfectly on-brand responses.

Led by a team of experienced contact center veterans, Laivly grew out of the unique needs and challenges of customer service programs. Laivly works with the world’s most influential brands to improve the customer experience by focusing on the agent experience. Laivly is a privately held company based in Winnipeg, Canada. Follow Laivly on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or learn more at

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