2021 AI Trends

With 2020 coming to an end, reflections on the past year of tech advancements, trends, and predictions for 2021 are a hot topic. A recent article from Forbes discusses key AI trends that will continue to accelerate in 2021.

Given the events of 2020, technology was forced to advance quickly, progressing at a rate much faster than predicted at the start of the year.  The predicted uses for artificial intelligence have also significantly changed. As a result of the current global pandemic, tech improvements are now focused almost solely on improving the lives of people living and working in a virtual environment.

With years worth of innovation happening seemingly overnight, companies are shifting to ensure the tech they are building is relevant for the needs of today. 2021 will be a huge growth year for AI, helping companies realize greater efficiencies, insights, and cost savings.

One of the biggest tech trends is the growth of robotic process automation and AI-driven automation. With uses such as digital assistants who help do tasks to free up employees for more complex work, automation has made huge strides in 2020 and will continue to advance as more intelligent automation processes are created.

With the significant shift to work-from-home environments in 2020, another trend predicted to continue is leveraging AI in cybersecurity. Companies are making an effort to improve their cybersecurity and AIOps capabilities given that so many employees are working from home, often on unsecured devices.

Another important growth area for AI is the increased personalization capabilities in marketing. As many people find themselves at home more often, they are spending more time on social media and online shopping, a prime opportunity for receiving marketing messages. With the help of AI, targeted marketing can become more personalized and more effective. AI can learn a user’s preferences, enabling more customized offers to be shown. This improved personalization will enhance the customer experience and improve overall customer loyalty.

Based on the momentum we’ve seen throughout this year, 2021 is sure to be another big year for the enhancement and improvement of artificial intelligence. For more information, check out this article.