Leading in The Age of Technology

Technology is completely changing the way we work. From process automation to artificial intelligence assistants, the reality of the business world looks very different than it did 20 years ago. But how can companies ensure they are maximizing the impact of AI and automation in their business? It all starts with the business leaders. 

The first thing business leaders should keep in mind for making a positive impact with technology is diversity. Diversity in the workplace fuels innovation, and without innovation, there can be no groundbreaking solutions. Without diversity, companies risk having biases and a narrow-minded focus without thinking about the bigger picture. If leaders hire people with perspectives different than their own, there is much more value to be gained.

Leaders in the digital age should also focus on their human power. Yes, AI and bots are exciting, but they can never replace humans entirely. No matter how quick a robot can perform a task, they will never have the same empathy and passion as a human employee. As a leader, it’s important to ensure your team members feel valued and appreciated. Technology isn’t replacing their roles, it’s simply being leveraged alongside them to enable the greatest possible solutions. Valuing employees will help remind leaders about the irreplaceable contributions the team members bring, such as creativity and passion. 

Finally, business leaders need to educate their teams about the technology that will play a role in the future of the business. By 2022, new technology is expected to create 133 million new jobs. To excel in these new jobs, humans need to educate themselves about this technology and the creative problem solving that accompanies it. Empowering teams to be forward thinking and educated will enable them to thrive in the future workforce.  

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