In honor of today being Star Wars Day, we thought we would give a shoutout to some of our favorite AI droids. Those intelligent robots played a huge role in the lives of our favorite space princesses, X-wing pilots, and scruffy-looking nerf herders, offering up companionship, comic relief, and clever tricks to help save the Rebel Alliance in a galaxy far far away.

Here’s a simple breakdown.

We know that the Jedis use The Force, Stormtroopers rely on their blasters (despite them being the least accurate weapon ever), and Han Solo trusts his own arrogance. But they all know they can depend on droids to help them get the job done.

(Even the droid-averse Mandolorian Din Djarin eventually comes to accept the helpfulness of droids after a lifetime of distrust!)

Need evidence?

Think about when R2D2 had all of these game changing moments.

Or this amazing homage to the best “save-the-day” scenes of BB-8.

Real-Life AI Helpers

Star Wars does an amazing job telling the story of good versus evil, but it also does a great job of showing us moments where people and technology work harmoniously.

We may not have pompous protocol droids like C-3PO accompanying us to networking events, but we have intelligent computer programs that use AI and machine learning to make our lives easier everyday. GPS, robot vacuums, voice-to-text translators—technology supports our daily tasks and interactions in so many ways. 

Make the Jump to Lightspeed

While we may not have cute companions like BB-8 to hang out and interact with us in our everyday life, our team at Laivly is proud to have created our own AI companion to help others give and receive better customer care experiences every day.

Our highlight reel isn’t quite as cool as the ones above, but it might give you a new hope if the mundane or complex tasks in your contact center have you considering the dark side. Our friendly AI mascot SIDD is ready to join the Rebel Alliance and fight to restore balance in the world of customer experience.

May the Fourth be with you!

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