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How Attended AI Can Be Used to Help Improve the Customer Appeasement Process

Below is an excerpt from Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes’ article for Forbes.

“Complex appeasement practices create both customer and employee dissatisfaction. Traditionally, appeasement has been difficult to manage at scale. Brands get to a point where they have dozens or even hundreds of people working with customers every day, and each of those agents is making their own decisions when resolving customer issues. Meanwhile, the CFO is watching the cost bucket representing credits, refunds, returns and “make-goods” eat into margins unpredictably. But in a contact center environment, it becomes much easier to manage appeasement policies centrally, and customer experience (CX) leaders can bring in technology to help create the consistency and control that allow the brand to develop a more sophisticated appeasement approach.

Enter a new trend in CX tech: attended artificial intelligence (AI) that allows companies to map out the different levers of appeasement and centrally control, adjust and manage them. This provides individual customer service reps with advice on what steps to take and how much to offer by artificial intelligence keeping track of the company’s big-picture goals. The system can predict what a customer will expect and learn and improve based on successful outcomes. Attended AI can make the appeasement process faster and may lead to better, more satisfying resolutions for all involved.”

Read the rest of the article at Forbes to learn three ways attended AI is being used to create smarter, more accurate appeasement processes.

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